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Fall 2014 - Athletics Awards Slide Show
Athletics News
Girls Varsity Basketball Wins Nashoba Brooks Tournament
A win for the second straight year!

Outstanding Performance for Fay Wrestling vs. Hillside and Beaver Country Day
Fay wrestlers came out in force on the mat Wednesday night to defeat both Hillside and Beaver Country Day in the second tri-meet of the year for Fay wrestling, defeating Hillside by a score of 57-21, and Beaver Country Day by a score of 33-12. The whistles kept blowing and the ref kept slapping the mat in favor of the mighty moose. JP Kim and Anthony D'Angelo both wrestled twice and scored two pins each for the team, accounting for 24 team points between the two outstanding wrestlers. Other wrestlers who scored pins included Alex Zhang, Fancisco Pelaez, captain Joseph Pape, captain David Moon, Hugo Petricioli, Ewan Slater, Patricio Dunand, Sam De Jong, and Doug Robbins. Other wrestlers who scored points for Fay by winning their matches on points were Will Ridgely, Ivan Chernyak, and James Esperne. This weekend, Fay wrestlers are headed to Canaan, New Hampshire to compete in the Cardigan Mountain School wrestling tournament. Cardigan will come to Fay next Friday, January 17, for our Friday night quad meet with Eaglebrook and Noble & Greenough School. Matches will start at 5:00 pm.  

Fay values vigorous physical activity. Each day, every season, a visitor to our campus will see children of all ages at play. The youngest children have beautifully equipped playgrounds where they can run, jump, climb, and swing, all the while having fun and making friends. Older children enjoy playing fields for soccer, football, field hockey, baseball, lacrosse, and track. The gymnasium is home to basketball, volleyball, wrestling, and indoor games. Golf, skiing, and tennis offer additional choices for recreation and healthy competition.

Every student participates in our physical education program. It is an integral part of our tradition and commitment to educating each child through a broad, balanced, and challenging program. We offer a wide array of choices for participation at both the intramural and interscholastic levels, so students of all abilities can experience the exhilaration of competition and belonging to a team.

Athletics has always played an important role at Fay. Our students compete against other independent schools in a variety of sports, and over the years we have developed friendly rivalries with these teams. Athletics at Fay brings our community together as participants and spectators, maintaining bonds of school spirit and pride. Athletics also help to build character, instill the values of teamwork and cooperation, and promote sportsmanship and fair competition.

Our teams strive to win—but winning is not the main emphasis of sports at Fay. We want to introduce students to activities that can offer relaxation, enjoyment, and fitness. Healthy lifestyles, self-discipline, responsibility, and leadership skills are just a few of the many benefits that students gain from Fay’s physical education program.