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School Programs


Fay is organized into three divisions: Primary School (Pre-K through Grade 2); Lower School (Grade 3 through Grade 6), and Upper School (Grade 7 through Grade 9). Each of these divisions has been carefully tailored to meet the developmental needs of its students. At every level, we offer an age-appropriate program that is attuned to our mission of educating each child to his or her full potential.
We begin by teaching the essential skills of reading, writing, mathematics, and science. In the Primary School, we begin with an “inquiry-based” approach, embracing children’s curiosity and play in ways that progressively lead to higher and more structured forms of learning. In the Lower School, children build on a base of knowledge and develop skills that enable them to take on more complex learning tasks.

By Upper School, students are reading carefully, listening effectively, and speaking articulately. They are writing essays, research papers, poems, and thoughtful personal reflections. They are mastering the demanding concepts and processes of mathematics and science. Meanwhile, at every level, Fay students are engaged in age-appropriate pursuits of art, music, physical education, and athletics—activities that contribute to the development of the whole child and make the learning experience joyful and rewarding.
Our broad and balanced program of education offers each student opportunities to experience the intrinsic pleasures of learning as it prepares each child for the next steps in his or her academic life. With the caring guidance of excellent teachers, Fay students become confident learners, enthusiastic about striving to achieve their full potential. The continuity of our program is built upon close relationships of students, teachers, and parents working together to embrace the value of effort and the joy of achievement while preparing students for further success in school and in life.